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Ladyfest Cork

Ladyfests are independant, feminist arts festivals. In 2007/2008 I worked on the organising committee of Ladyfest Cork. It was one of the most challenging and fullfillng learning experiences of my life, unreal craic as well!

We spent a year fundraising for the festival through gigs, table quizzes, dj nights, parties and outdoor music festivals, to name a few. We developed a website, myspace and bebo to promote the festival and fundraising Promo. Ladyfest Cork itself was a 3 day event in April 2008, during which we managed to raise E5000 for the Cork Sexual Violence Centre. The festival included music and dance performances, film screenings, workshops and a week long visual arts exhibition.

I was involved in developing a unique and recognisable identity for the festival. I developed a number of motifs that were translated across all design and merchandise work. This identity was carried across posters, tshirts, badges, stickers, bags and cd covers. I also developed bebo and myspace profiles for both the festival itself and the visual arts exhibition

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